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The Scoop on Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

One of the most unappealing aspects of owning a cat is the cleaning and maintenance of the litter box. While many cat owners allow their cats outdoors simply as a way of avoiding litter boxes altogether, there are millions of cat owners who cannot use such an option. This has led to an ever-increasing range of improved or enhanced litter boxes and cat litters too. There are now even self cleaning litter boxes in a range of designs and styles as well.

What exactly is a self cleaning litter box? There are several styles with some using electricity to perform their tasks and some even relying on household water supplies and drainage to complete the job as well. For the most part, the boxes are designed to detect motion within the space containing the litter and usually after around ten minute’s time a rake-like assembly will force the cat’s waste into a sealed container that eliminates odor and leaves the box in pristine condition for the cat, or cats, to use again.

This is something that should be taken under very serious consideration, especially if more than a single cat inhabits the home. One of the biggest reasons that cats will soil the environment in which they live is simply because they do not like sharing their litter box with too many housemates. If an owner fails to clean the box on a regular or frequent enough basis the cat’s sense of smell will force it to seek out an alternative location to relieve itself. If, however, the box is cleared of all materials once or twice each day, or even just minutes after a cat has left the area, the reduction of “accidents” will be immediate and measurable.

Additionally, the benefits of choosing a self cleaning litter box will also include the elimination of an owner handling any of the mess. This is also something that is of significant value too. Imagine the ease with which a senior citizen could tend to their beloved cat when using a box that doesn’t ask them to bend over and scoop and clean for a lengthy period of time. Instead, most self cleaning boxes will have the owner removing a tray or collection bag and the work is done. It is also a way to keep potential for infection or bacteria from troubling the owner as well. For instance, the toxoplasmosis problem would be greatly reduced because the owner would never risk inhaling particles that were contaminated.

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